Ryzen 5950X NVMe KVM VPS

Extremely fast CPU clock speeds (up to 4.9GHz!), Gen4 NVMe storage, RAID-5 HDD storage, 3200Mhz DDR4 ECC RAM, KVM virtualization, and 2.5Gbps port connectivity all combine to handle your most demanding requirements.

Ryzen 5950X CPU NVMe VPS Plans

3200MHz ECC RAM Ryzen 5950X Cores NVMe Storage HDD Storage Bandwidth @ 2.5Gbps IPv4 | IPv6 Price
1 5950X Cores
1 IPv4 | 1 /64
2 5950X Cores
100GB NVMe
1 IPv4 | 1 /64
4 5950X Cores
200GB NVMe
1 IPv4 | 1 /64
8 5950X Cores
400GB NVMe
1 IPv4 | 1 /64
16 5950X Cores
800GB NVMe
1 IPv4 | 1 /64

IMPORTANT: Due to a restriction on how our VPSes are provisioned, you will have to open a ticket with us after a successful order to let us know to attach your storage. Your NVMe storage will be available immediately, however.

Extremely high CPU frequency, the best of the best!

Our extremely fast Ryzen 5950X Gen4 NVMe KVM VPS plans are all high frequency cores, pure Gen4 NVMe drives, and kernel-based virtualization to guarantee you the hardware resources in your plan are always available to you.

The Ryzen 5950X VPSes are ideal for game servers, demanding websites, databases, webapps, HFT, and any other very demanding application. With CPU turbo speeds up to 4.9GHz, pure Gen4 NVMe drives, and 3200MHz ECC DDR4 RAM the performance will be untouchable.

If you are looking for something a little less extreme than the Ryzen 5950X we also have enterprise-class high frequency CPU VPS plans available here. These plans are better suited for demanding applications that don't need quite as much as the Ryzen has to offer and are more affordable.

A few of our Ryzen 5950X NVMe KVM VPS's features

Enterprise Hardware

All of the hardware powering your Ryzen VPS and infrastructure are from trusted enterprise brands such as Supermicro, Juniper, APC, AMD, Intel, and more.

Modern Panel

With VirtFusion, you won't be stuck using a panel from 2012. Insanely fast provisioning and a very sleek UI allow for a top-notch user experience.

99.9% uptime

Enterprise hardware, professional datacenters, battery banks, and gensets with fueling contracts all allow us to offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee.


Capacity of >7Tbps and an all-fiber network from your server to the edge guarantee your bandwidth and latency are the absolute best.


Crunchbits' entire network is actively protected against DDoS attacks: detection, filtering, and countermeasures are all automatic.


While every service is unmanaged, we do still have on-site knowledgeable staff for any issues or concerns that might come up.

Starting for only $8 / month!

Crunchbits is a premium hosting company located in the United States with a team that has over 40 years of combined experience.